SolidColor is a production and post production agency, specialized in VFX and interactive content based on real footage.
We focus on delivering high quality VFX and VR experiences.

We are in the field since 2015 and our network is made up of authors, film-makers, mechanical engineers, software engineers and sound engineers.
These transversal skills allows us to provide customized and turnkey solutions able to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Working in the VR field from the early stages, SolidColor can manage the entire production and post-production workflow to create the best experience tailored to your creative idea.

SolidColor can work together with your VFX (2D/360) post production team, fitting to your workflow thanks to the use of all the best industry standard software available, providing VFX solutions like rotoscoping, screen replacement, tracking and more.

SolidColor designs delivery systems that ensure your content can be displayed on any platform, building custom web and mobile players taking you further inside the experience with any device, including all major headsets.

We worked for top players like:
Dior, Luxottica, Bulgari, Filmmaster Events, Targo's Emmy Award 2020 nominated "When we stayed home", Unesco, UNWomen, Cassina Projects and many others.

Featured projects