Turism & Heritage

Immersive journeys that bring
History and Culture to life

SolidColor enhances tourism and cultural heritage through unique immersive multimedia solutions. We create exciting scenarios that promote tourist locations, historical sites, and cultural venues, combining engaging narratives with captivating interactions. These experiences, rooted in the specific context of each place, invite discovery of hidden beauties and stories, transforming every space into a memorable adventure.

Cassina Projects - FilmMaster - Unesco - UN Woman - Targo

We offer tailored solutions for the hospitality industry, narrating the history and services of the hotel or highlighting local wonders, ensuring a superior stay experience for guests and a deeper connection with the territory.

Our expertise extends to global high-level projects. From contributing to the "When We Stayed Home" project, which explored life during the lockdown and received a nomination at the Emmy Awards 2020, to the project for UN Women, near to a war zone, that sheds light on humanitarian issues, we demonstrate how immersive experiences can be powerful tools for telling stories that matter, connecting people and cultures in ways never seen before.

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When We Stayed Home - Venice
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Waterfront - Sardinia
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UN Woman - Gaziantep
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Cassina Projects - Milan
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Juma Mosque
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When We Stayed Home - Venice
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